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Military Entertainment - Burns Night
A key date in the diary during January is ‘Burns Night’. This is a popular celebration amongst Scottish nationals around the world.

A Burns Supper takes place in honour of the poet Robert Burns and is normally held on – or near – his birthday, 25th January.

Those planning a Burns Night Supper will need all the right ingredients to ensure the evening goes smoothly. This means that as well as plenty of Haggis, organisers will need to think about the right entertainment.

Ceilidh Bands with Caller

Traditionally the music is provided by acoustic instruments such as fiddle, accordion, tin whistle, flute, guitar, mandolin and bodhrán. In more recent times as instruments have become amplified drums and electric bass guitar have been added. The music is cheerful and lively, and the basic steps are taught by the caller and can be learned easily; a walk through is usually provided for new dancers before the start of each dance


When it comes to "Burns Nicht", no evening is complete without a Bagpiper. In recent years the piper's role in the event has expanded into a sort of master of ceremonies for the evening, therefore it's important to book an experienced piper for an authentic Burns Night experience. The piper (or more commonly the host) often begins with the Selkirk Grace before dinner which goes a little something like this...

Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae let the Lord be thankit.

And later, the piper plays the Haggis into the room before reciting Robert Burns' "Address To A Haggis" This can be followed by further toasts depending on how traditional a client wants to go.

Scottish Dancers

We have an excellent selection of dancers who can meet and greet your guests on arrival entertain your guests with some traditional dancing and joining in with your guests for a Scottish Ceilidh.


Some of the messes we've supported:

  • DMRC Headley Court
  • RAF Coningsby
  • RAF High Wycombe
  • RAF Kirton In Lindsey
  • RAF Marham
  • RAF Waddington
  • RAF Wyton
  • RAF Cranwell
  • RAF Halton
  • RAF Wyton
  • RAF Boulmer
  • RAF High Wycombe
  • Daedallus Officers
  • MOD Corsham
  • HMS Excellent
  • HMS Collingwood
  • Tidworth Garrison
  • Jellalabad Bks
  • Regents Park Bks
  • Delhi Bks
  • RNAS Yeovilton
  • Fort Blockhouse

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