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The Battle of Britain

September 15th in known as ‘Battle of Britain Day’ and each September it is celebrated to commemorate the day in 1940 when the Luftwaffe attacked Fighter Command with all its might and lost.

The significance of September 15th 1940 was recognised by Prime Minister Winston Churchill when he stated that the day was the “crux of the Battle of Britain”.

The battle was to continue into October but without the control of the skies ‘Operation Sealion’ simply could not take place. September 15th ensured that the Luftwaffe was not going to gain such control. Pilot Officer Thomas Neil of 249 Squadron later said, “September 15th was a very special day.”

The Entertainment Xchange will take you back in time to remember and celebrate this historical event!

With event theming to impress all the guests and entertainers that will make you think your back in 1940!

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