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Medieval & Historical Musicians

Medieval Musicians

Location: East Yorkshire
Price from: Enquire for details

About the Act

Medieval Musicians specialise in the performance of Medieval, Tudor and Victorian music. Established in 1987 Medieval Musicians have surprised, delighted and entertained audiences all over the world at corporate events, private parties and festivals. Playing exciting, uplifting and sensual music on a diverse range of instruments using a variety of medieval instruments like Hammer Dulcimer, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Shawms, Percussion, Violin and Cittern – they can perform as soloists, as a duo or as a band with up to seven virtuoso musicians.

Medieval Musicians also offer medieval story-tellers, jesters, jugglers, magicians, stilt-walkers and fortune tellers to add theatricality and spectacle to any event.


Medieval Musicians work from a fixed spot or as strolling players and can perform acoustically or with amplification. They can play for a quiet listening audience background music or for dancing.

Costumes available 

Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Jacobean, Victorian, Edwardian, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter

Previous Clients

Harewood House
Ripley Castle
Green Top Circus
Nottingham City Council
The Full FX
North Yorkshire Folk Museum
Aston Hall


“I have been meaning to drop you a line to say a really big thank you for being so great on Saturday. Everyone is still talking about how lovely the music was and how people in the tea room of all ages were engrossed in the stories. It worked so well in that space and really conjured up the atmosphere so well. The Abbey having been closed for several years after post fire restoration, this event I think gave people a real boost and brought the place to life.”
- Private Client
“We hope to do other events on a similar theme again so I will definitely be looking you up! Please can you pass on my sincere thanks to Amanda and Kate for their performance on Friday – they occasioned so many positive comments from our guests, and they really added to the atmosphere on the night. Please find attached an image from the night from our photographer – as you can see, they looked brilliant!”
- Harewood House
“Fabulous, many thanks, and thanks for all your hard work.”
- Cohesion Events



Medieval & Historical Musicians


Location: London
Price from: Enquire for details

About the Act

Vikings were formed by Maggie-Beth Sand (lead singer and multi-instrumentalist) and Mark Powell (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, keyboards) in 2010, and their first album, “Stella Splendens,” was released that year.

Since then, they have performed at concert and festival stages across the UK and western Europe.

2014 saw the release of their critically-acclaimed second album, "Myths and Muses," on which the band moved into more electronic territory, with the incorporation of dance and dubstep beats.

Their third album, "Shieldmaidens," which delves further into rock and symphonic metal styles (with the collaboration of a very special guest executive producer!) is scheduled for release in April 2016.


"Symphonic folk-rock:

 The romantic pageantry of mediaeval art and culture ranks alongside sic-fi/fantasy as fertile grounds for symphonic rock interpretation, Blackmore’s Night being a prominent progenitor. On second outing, ‘Myths and muses,’ Britain’s Vikings brings engaging range and sophistication to the process of imbuing old-world themes and melodies with contemporary rhythmic punch.

…Their sumptuous arrangements brim with lavishly-orchestrated timbres. Elsewhere the band employs Middle Eastern motifs/instruments for genre cross-pollination (‘Alexandria’) and further expands its world-music palette via subtly-employed didgeridoo.

‘Myths and Muses’ is based thematically on the legends of mediaeval Europe and England, Scandinavian, Celtic and Greek history and Roman mythology. Intelligently conceived and very well-played, there is plenty here to gratify both heart and mind."

Rating: four stars out of five.


John Collinge, Editor, Progression magazine, USA, November 2015.

The six-member London band present their second studio album. The cover art, with a Viking warrior on horseback shows what awaits us. The Myths and Muses theme is the thread connecting the songs on the album, again demonstrating Vikings original touch."

Claudia tin Zinnenburg, Orkus Magazine, Germany, August 2015.


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Medieval & Historical Musicians

Medieval Noyse

Price from: Enquire for details

About the Act

A Medieval Noyse are Sue, Rod the Forester and Baz; Musicians who regularly perform Medieval, Tudor and 17 century music in period costume on authentic musical instruments for a variety of events and occasions. We can also cover other musical periods too, just ask!

Medieval Musicians needed to be versatile and ready to entertain. We strive to entertain and enjoy seeing people have a good time. Being a medieval musician was a precarious profession so we aim to provide you a hassle free and fun time with our music making and revelry.


“Medieval Noyse have played for us at Museum Open Days and I am sure that their lively music and vibrant costume contributed towards more people making an effort to come into the grounds and see what was happening. They played a variety of music which really added to the overall atmosphere of our event and I would certainly book them again and recommend them to anyone wishing to have live authentic music for visitors.”

M. Alexander, Manager of Warwickshire Museum Service & Natural Environment

Thank you so much for a wonderful morning of medieval music making and dancing…. You were amazing! (Happy Deputy Head)

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful evening. You were fantastic, and the closing ballad with audience participation was amazing. We couldn’t have wished for a better evening. Thank you so much! I hope you have a safe trip home, and don’t have too far to drive!

Jennifer (corporate booking)


This artist has not uploaded any audio yet.
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